Your Striker Goal comes with exclusive features to help you become the goal scoring machine you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Many of the features are exclusive to your Striker Goal and cannot be found on any other target goal for football.

Here’s a list of those features and the benefits they can provide:


The Striker Goal comes with 4 targets that can be moved along the webbing straps so you can place them anywhere in the goal.

This is great for using the targets as a goal keeper by pushing them all in to the middle of the goal.

It also means that you can aim for other parts of the goal to increase your goal scoring knowledge and ability.

Swap Targets

Each target is independent and clips on to the horizontal and vertical webbing straps. That means you can easily and quickly clip off any target and place it exactly where you want.

This makes your Striker Goal the most customisable and progressive training aid for goal scoring because you can challenge yourself to become better.

Move the red target into the top corner and try aiming for that – too hard? No problem. Swap it for the blue or yellow target and then progress at your own pace.

Unbreakable Targets

Once you’ve mastered the technique you can start adding more and more power and you don’t have to worry about breaking the targets if you kick the ball too hard.

Each target is certified ‘Unbreakable’ and is backed by a no quibbles 5 YEAR GUARANTEE. No one else can offer that because no one else stands by their target goal like we do.

We’ve been trading since 2007 and guess how many have been returned under this guarantee? NONE! That should give you an idea about the quality of our target goal.

Made in Great Britain

In our world of throw away it’s refreshing to come across a product designed for kids that is actually built to last. Football is a rough and tough sport. We expect children (and mums and dads!) to give Striker Goal the best shots they can, over and over and over again.

We only use quality materials, qualified trades people and the best machinists we know who loving and carefully put every component of your Striker Goal together so you can enjoy years of fun and development.

Striker Goal is not only used by kids in the garden but by junior football clubs and training academies all over the UK, so it’s got to be made to the highest standards to take all those kicks.

You can also rest assured that because your Striker Goal is made right here in the UK there is:

  • No Child Labour
  • No Dangerous or Hazardous Materials
  • Only the best quality materials used
  • Staff are reimbursed properly

Now it’s time to let Striker Goal take your goal scoring to the next level. Choose the model that fits your goal and we promise to deliver it in the shortest time possible.

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